Reviews From Our Patients

San Mateo Patients Choose Dr. Meg Spicer, D.C., Q.M.E
Lucilla G.
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"Dr. Spicer is an amazing person! She listens to your concerns and takes the time to address all your questions. I would highly recommend her."
Oscar P.
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"Dr Spicer is the best health practitioner In terms of helping you heal chronic pain that modern medicine can’t help with!"
Suzie M.
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"Dr. Spicer is definitely a one-in-a-million chiropractor. I've been having lower back, hip and shoulder pain that she helped me with in ways no other chiro has. I didn't leave her office sore, stiff or uncomfortable in any way. In fact, she started to relieve my pain from my first appointment."

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Goes above and beyond

About a year ago I got into a bad car accident, not feeling 100% after 2 different chiropractors & physical therapy I was referred to Dr. Spicer and saw her regularly for a month. She was extremely genuine & motivated to help relieve the tension in my neck, back & hips; after a few sessions I immediately improved my flexibility, range of motion & overall comfort. Opposed to other chiropractors,

Meg really takes her time to identify the sources of pain, goes above and beyond to work-out scar tissue & provides great stretching instruction. She doesn't simply crack your back and then send you on your way, she cares deeply about her clients as people, is very knowledgeable about her craft & has a very sweet dog- Omi who is there to greet you each visit. I highly recommend & can't thank her enough for the treatment she gave me!
Joey Z.
Dr. Spicer is truly one of the best doctors I've been to

I have been having back pain and stiffness in the last couple of months and have been visiting her since then. She took the utmost care to alleviate my pain and ensure that I got better and I instantly started feeling better from day one. She showed me various exercises and stretches that I could do at home and shared various tips and suggestions as well. My appointments with her would make me feel great and I would always leave her office with a smile on my face. I can't recommend Dr. Spicer enough to anyone who is in any kind of similar physical discomfort.
Suvajit C.
Amazing results

Dr Spicer is amazing. She has helped me a lot with the nerve issues in my hands which bothered me more than a year. She has also given me exercises that I can do on my own. I have seen amazing results. Thank you Dr Spicer ! And would highly recommend her!
Kantarose J.
Listens and heals

Not your average chiropractor, Dr. Spicer listens and heals and I especially appreciate how she teaches exercises for at-home relief and preventative care. So glad I found her!
Heather B.
Dr. Spicer has absolutely changed my life!

I've had horrible posture my entire life, and bad habits contributing to it, which have caused me aches and pains. Not anymore. Dr. Spicer cares for your well-being as an entire whole, and educates you on how to become better. Each session with her has been nothing short of a miracle, as even on days where I have a headache, she can somehow make them go away! She's truly an expert in the field and a very caring person for your well-being. I was unfamiliar with chiropractors before meeting her and now I am so grateful for her. I drive all the way from San Francisco just for her appointments. Highly recommend Dr. Spicer!
Jeanie C.
My dad recently got hit by a car while crossing the street and could barely get out of bed, but was able to feel like himself again after his appointments with Dr. Spicer. She focused on improving mobility with every visit and gave him exercises to follow at home. My dad was able to go back to his construction job thanks to care Dr. Spicer provided.
Jessica S.
Excellent practitioner

Dr. Spicer is an excellent practitioner with a wholistic but no-nonsense approach coupled with warmth and compassion. Even after a few seasons my neck is less tense and she has even helped me with muscle pain in my arm. I was somewhat fearful and doubtful that a chiropractor could help me, but I am converted. She’s very smart, skilled, and knowledgeable. Give this doctor a try!
Diane W.
Meticulous in her work
I met Dr. Spicer when she was still a student at the Palmer Chiropractor College. At the time, I had gone in for chronic hip pain that I had been suffering with for close to a decade. Dr. Spicer was able to diagnose the root cause of the problem which was a hip alignment issue, and over the period of 6-8 visits, I was back to 100% movement and capability. I had visited other Chiropractors before, but the main appeal of Dr. Spicer is that she is very careful and meticulous in her work. She doesn’t do these scary adjustments where you feel your whole spine zipper up and sounds like an old themepark roller coaster clanking up the ascent before the drop. She’s very careful and has that velvet touch. The benefits of repeated visits to Dr. Spicer is numerous. Specifically for me I saw a general overall increase is stamina, strength, and endurance while working out at the gym, my waistline dropped siginificantly, my metabolism, digestion, and other related functions vastly improved, I no longer got these constant joint aches while being active, and I’ve had my girlfriend and family memebers compliment me on my appearance.
It’s really worth paying her a visit, even if you have to pay out of pocket initially. The cost is well worth the benefits.
Lucio V.
Information up front.
Dr. Meg Spicer has been treating me for a stiff big toe. I wear heels and sometimes walking in them put strain on my toe right where it meets the foot. I have had approximately 5 sessions and session 3 is when I started to notice what ever was tight was much more flexible. I am not in my 4.5 inch heels yet but 3.5 are comfy again! I am giving a 5 because Dr. Spicer walked me through what she was going to do and what I could expect moving forward. I really appreciate knowing what to expect and having that information up front.
Incredible healer
Meg is an incredible healer. She’s got all kinds of techniques to get you feeling better. I was a mess before I started seeing her: joint pain and muscle pain throughout my body. She worked her magic with much needed adjustments and more, all the while checking with me to make sure I was comfortable. Her compassion and knowledge far surpassed my expectations. I would recommend her to anyone seeking chiropractic care. She really has changed my life.
Emily W.
Amazing treatment
Just had the most amazing treatment and Care performed on my left knee that has been killing me for weeks! Dr. Spicer implements the Gavilan technique and my knee is now functioning near 90% without pain in only 1 visit. The visit was less than 20 mins and I feel amazing. Thank you Dr. Spicer! Look forward to coming back for my follow up visit!
Christopher C.
I highly recommend
I had elbow pain for a couple weeks. I tried ignoring it, but over the course of 3 weeks, it kept getting worse so I decided to see the chiropractor. I found Dr. Spicer because she is located San Mateo, and has excellent reviews, and for good reason. Dr. Spicer’s exam was thorough and provided a clear explanation of what was going on in my body, which has helped me to improved my elbow to avoid causing the pain again. Dr. Spicer takes the time to make sure you understand what is going on, options for getting better, and is thorough enough that she takes care of you in fewer visits. I highly recommend Dr. Spicer for any issues you may have.
Regan C.
I will definitely be back!
Dr. Spice is a no nonsense, totally focused chiropractor who is sensitive to her patients’ needs. I’ve had crackling/popping wrists for at least 25 years. One visit with her and my noisy wrists are silenced! No more discomfort! I didn’t know I could feel this way. Then she worked on my tennis elbows. Remarkable! Dr. Spice noticed my allergies were giving me grief. She massaged my head, scalp, neck, and so on. I’m breathing clear! I’m very happy I chose to go to her for treatment! I will definitely be back! Thank Dr. Spicer!
Phyllis S.
Extremely happy
I have been a patient of Dr. Spicer for about a year now. When I first went in I had an injury in my finger from rock climbing, a tight back, and no knowledge on how to help myself. With the help and knowledge of Dr. Spicer I overcame not one finger injury but two! I have had experience with other chiropractors, but was not getting the help I needed. I instantly trusted Dr. Spicer and her warm personality and felt that I was in good hands. I will continue to see Dr. Spicer because she continuously teaches me about the human anatomy and takes her time with me to make sure all my complaints disappear. I am extremely happy with the service provided
Josh S.
Definitely worth it!
Dr. Spicer is a great chiropractor who knows her stuff. I’ve been seen by chiropractors for many years and I find that she is top notch when compared to the numerous chiropractors I’ve visited. She also takes time to discuss lifestyle changes that will help benefit your situation, along with demonstrations on stretches that significantly increase mobility. I recommend Dr. Spicer for your chiropractic care. The time and energy spent is well worth the investment!
Peter T.
Incredible results
I’ve had incredible results from Dr. Spicer. She has fixed so many of my aches and pains, I don’t need any painkillers. Previously, she did some adjustments to my twisted and painful left knee, which I had thought was beyond repair. Instantly, I felt the blood flow return to the knee after feeling tightness, pain, and lack of circulation from an injury over two years earlier. Miraculously to me, she fixed my knee completely! She also previously eliminated tightness and pain in my lower back and neck. And today, she went to work on my tight and painful elbows and thumbs, which have been sprained and otherwise aggravated over the past few decades. She made some pinpoint adjustments, and I immediately felt the tightness and pain disappear. Go see for yourself, she will not only fix your aches and pains, but explains everything in plain English, while teaching you all sorts of exercises and stretches to minimize and avoid any new problems.
Ted H.